Our long history in the country is the guarantee of the Company seriousness and commitment with its clients.

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MCL Control is a provider of products and services for control, safety and automation of industrial installations. Established in 1989 under an engineering consultant company conception, its mission was reoriented in 1994 towards specialization and packaged solutions development under the concept of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects.

The company has about 30 engineers, some of them with more than 20 years experience.

MCL Control keeps itself updated in the automation and control technologies developing software and hardware on its own or through strategic alliances with other local and international Companies, Organizations and Universities. MCL Control is an active member of NFPA and ISA.

MCL Control pursuits the growth of its organization following the dynamic evolution of the markets, adjusting its own objectives with the permanent satisfaction of its customers. Quality Control and Quality Assurance plays an important role in these objectives. This turns all of our projects into successes.

Long term relationships with our customers are profoundly rooted and linked with the technology, the coordinated development of businesses and integration practices. We are convinced that the intelligent use of the technology together with our experience, creativity and imagination for the development of new products, focused on our clients, turns MCL Control into an innovative company dedicated to excellence.

We expect to do business with you.