Quality Objectives

ISO 9001:2000
MCL Control´s products and services quality are subject to a continuous measurement process, to fulfill with the permanent improvement of them and to be able to solve any problem that can appear, in the minimum possible time. The elements of this measurement are based on the fulfillment of customer’s functional specifications, as well as of each product and service own ones, additionally to the delivery time commitments and guarantees related to them, highlighting the following aspects:

Guarantee the reliable and timely delivery of the services and / or products required by customers, with the highest possible quality. Execution time deviation must be gradually reduced so that the estimated time of completion is normally met. The positive or negative deviation should be documented.

Achieve zero outstanding points, within each project established period.

Adapt and continuously improve the technical and professional organization skills, through continuous training. Compliance with personnel training plans will be verified.

Keep products, services and projects productivity records in general to verify the continuous improvement of them.

Give special value to safe work and the environment care.

Achieve products, services and projects competitive qualities, within the expected cost scheme.

Record the competition activity in order to continuously verify the market percentage participation.

Achieve that customer satisfaction indexes allow us to be cataloged within the companies with which they would rehire. For this it is necessary to keep updated each customer criteria that will use to evaluate our products and services.