• WifiSentinel™

    WiFi-SentinelTM   is a real open solution for Wireless Sensors Networks & IIoT. WiFi-SentinelTM    allows connecting any 4-20mA process variable transmitter to any PLC or Scada System using either Wireless Modbus TCP or Wireless Modbus RTU.

    WiFi-SentinelTM    is based on the well known and widely used WiFi standard (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), and can be implemented using readily available WiFi Access Points (routers) and Bridges, allowing the deployment of wireless sensors networks by any person familiar with WiFi and Ethernet networks, reducing the costs associated to training, installation, commissioning, tuning and maintenance, in comparison with other wireless solutions requiring special knowledge and costly hardware (i.e. special gateways).

    WiFi-SentinelTM   also features a solar battery charger to feed not only the proper WiFi-Sentinel device (WFS-1000), but also the process variable transmitters (up to two process variable transmitters per WFS-1000 are allowed and additionally one discrete input and one discrete output).

    WiFi-SentinelTM   is ready to IIoT as it is capable of supporting connection to the cloud, directly from the WFS-1000 device in places where internet connection is available.


    Application Note

    WFS-1000 Operation and Configuration (Rev. 1)

    Data Sheet

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